General KRD Information


Board Members

Paul Weaver: Reecer Creek.
Mark Hansen: Badger Pocket.
Fred Schnebly: Fairview Director.

Larry Bland: Westside Director.
Ed Wakkuri: Upper County Director. 674-2418

Legal Counsel

Jeff Slothower. 925-6916

District Staff: 925-6158

Urban Eberhart: District Manager
Kevin Eslinger: Assistant Manager
Bob Main: Field Supervisor
Stacy Berg:  Treasurer
Keli Bender: Lands / RRA
Tina Webster: Office Clerk
Roger Satnik: GIS / Water Quality / Computers
Marty Haberman: Facilities Caretaker
Kathleen Satnik: KCWP

Ditch Riders (Ride map): 925-6158

Ride 1: Robby Main, Westside (South Branch)
Ride 2: Mike Minor, Hayward Hill to Naneum Rd.
Ride 3: Split between Mike and Doug.
Ride 4: Doug Webster, Naneum Rd to Pumping Plant
Ride 5: Steve Matthews, Badger Pocket
Ride 6: Chris Sandvig, Upper County. 656-2265
Ride 7: David Mayer, Turbine Bay and Turbine lateral 0.2. 968-4372

Field Personnel: 925-6158

Terry Allred: Operator
KC Brooks: Maintenance Foreman
Bob Haberman: Maintenance

Gary Johnson: Operator
Paul Keith: Operator
Jeff Laukala: Maintenance

Jon Mengelos: Maintenance Foreman
Justin Nunley: Maintenance
Craig Raab: Maintenance

Jim Wernex: Maintenance
Josh Weyland: Maintenance
Randy Wyman: Operator


Water Orders are taken by your ditch rider Monday – Friday between 7 A.M. and 7:45 A.M. Orders may also be placed with office staff from 7:45 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday – Friday, HOWEVER, those orders will not be given to the ditch rider until the next morning. The answering service will not take water orders. The after hours answering service is for emergencies only.


Based on a 100% supply, your water allotment is 2.5 cfs (5.0 acre feet) per assessed acre. The water turn-on date will be announced by the Board as early in April as possible. Weather and maintenance will determine the exact turn-on date. The Board will announce the turnoff date no later than October 6.

There are no water orders or changes to deliveries on Saturday or Sunday. It is best to give your ditch rider forty-eight (48) hours notice to insure timely delivery. The District also has a forty-eight (48) hour notice with the Bureau of Reclamation. Mondays and Fridays are the most difficult days to receive "same day" deliveries. We should have your order in by Thursday 07:45 to deliver your water on Monday. The ditch riders will attempt to service their rides following the same route daily so you will be able to anticipate when your water will be adjusted.


Statements are sent out in February, the first half is due April 30, and the second half is due October 31. Call the office for specific questions relating to your assessment. Your assessment goes to pay for the original Construction Debt Retirement (CDR), Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the five (5) Bureau reservoirs and the O&M of KRD facilities. Your assessment does not "buy" water, it pays for the distribution system that gets water to your property. If you have KRD assessed acres and want to be removed from our assessment rolls by surrendering your water entitlement see our Land Reclassification Policy.


Landholders who own and/or lease 240 acres or more (combined acreage under KRD and other Districts under Bureau contract, such as Columbia Basin, Roza, etc.) are required to comply with the Reclamation Reform Act of 1982. KRD cannot deliver water to any combination of owned and/or leased lands 240 acres or more without the proper forms on file in the office. If you lease your lands to another party, you must notify them of this requirement. Compliance with Reclamation Reform Act is required on a YEARLY basis. The necessary forms are available at the office. Call Keli for your specific RRA questions. For general questions see our FAQ’s page.


Forms to transfer water from your account to another KRD landowner account are available at the office or from your ditch rider. You may call the office and request us to mail the form or download them.

All transfers must be approved by the Manager and are authorized only for the current water year. Because of the dynamics of the distribution system, transfers are only allowed within certain areas. Ride 6 may only transfer water within Ride 6. Ride 1 may only transfer water within Ride 1. Rides 2, 3 & 4 may transfer water between those three rides. Ride 5 may only transfer water between the Gravity and Turbine Ditches. No transfers will be allowed up to the Pump Ditch. Please call the office to discuss your particular water requirements. Landowners that own land in more than one ride may transfer water between owned or leased parcels. During short water years the Board will make every effort to meet each landowners needs. If you have KRD assessed acres and want to be removed from our assessment rolls by surrendering your water entitlement see our Land Reclassification Policy.


Forms are required annually to authorize someone other than the legal owner to order water. If water for your property is to be ordered by anyone other than the legal owner it is necessary to have your signed authorization on file for that person or persons to order water. Please note: you must indicate that the authorization is for your land only or other lands under that person's management. You may call the office and request us to mail the form, ask your ditch rider or download the form.


Crossing or use licenses are required for activity on District Rights-of-Way. This includes bridges, culverts, flumes, pipes, utilities, new turnouts and residential access via operation and maintenance (O&M) roads. Forms are available at the office or download the permit.


KRD has water distribution plan requirements for ANY land division with classified irrigable acreage.  This includes Short & Long Plats, Exempt Segregations and Boundary Line Adjustments.  A water distribution plan must be completed when you are dividing your property for any reason.  There is also KRD specific language that must be included on the survey documents.  A KRD water distribution plan Form can be located here.


KRD will allow the installation of small lawn and garden pumps, but ONLY with a permit. This INCLUDES pumps that have been installed prior to permit requirement. Permits are available at the office or download the permit. More information is available on our FAQs page.


Please notify the office if you have had a change of address or if your phone number has changed with in the past year. We would also appreciate your unlisted phone number so we can contact you in emergency situations. We will respect the confidentiality of your unlisted number.


Board Meetings are held at 1 P.M. on the first Tuesday of each month (this year's meeting dates) at the KRD Office, corner of Forth and Water Streets. If you wish to address the Board on a particular subject, please call the Office (509-925-6158) and request to be on the agenda at least five (5) days prior to the meeting. It would be helpful if you outlined your subject in a letter addressed to the Board and provide any information you wish the Board to consider so that we can forward that information to the Board Members prior to the meeting. We encourage you to attend.

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