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About the Board…

Kittitas Reclamation District is operated by the landowners of the District for their mutual benefit. The District is divided into five director divisions with one landowner elected to represent each division.  Those five landowners, chosen by the other qualified electors, form the KRD Board of Directors.  Click here for a director division map (warning: this is a large file, 272K).

To vote in elections, either as a candidate or as an elector, a person must be at least eighteen years old; a citizen of the United States; a resident of the state of Washington; and someone who holds title or evidence of title to assessable land in the District.

The term of office for a director is three years. A director’s term starts on the first Tuesday of the January following the election. Regular monthly meetings of the Board of Directors are held at the District Office on the first Tuesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. Special meetings may be called at any time, as circumstances dictate.

Directors are responsible for managing and conducting all the business and affairs of the district. They receive no salary, but are compensated for attending meetings or when otherwise doing District business, and reimbursed for necessary expenses such as travel, lodging, food, etc., when on District business.

To run for Director, a nominating petition, signed by at least ten qualified electors of the director division for which the candidate is running, must be filed with the Secretary of the District by 5:00 p.m. on the first Monday in November. Elections are held on the second Tuesday in December.



Current Directors and their terms of office:

Director Division Term Expires
Mark Hansen, Vice Chair #1; Badger Pocket 2021
Ed Wakkuri #2; Upper County 2022
Fred Schnebly, Chair #3; Fairview 2020
Brad Haberman #5; Reecer Creek 2021
Larry Bland #4; South Branch 2021





Director Divisions description and history:

Division No. 1: North Branch Canal & Pump Ditch to Cascade Canal & I-90 freeway south taking in the entire Badger Pocket area.


From: To:
Mark Hansen 2015 Current
Urban Eberhart 1987 2015
S. Gerald Dodge 1974 1986
Erwin Billeter 1960 1973
Eric T. Moe 1948 1959
J.O. Sorenson 1936 1947


Division No. 2: All of upper county from Easton to Horlick Road & Main Canal to the Yakima River.


From: To:
Ed Wakkuri 2000 Current
John Scott 1995 1999
Charles Landes 1964 1994
John O. Roseberg 1963 1963
Warner Roseburg 1957 1962
James Hayes 1951 1956
Warner Roseberg 1927 1950
Henry Richards 1918 1926
Hartvig Roseburg 1916 1916
J.C. Boedcher 1913 1915
A.C. Spalding 1911 1913


Division No. 3: Look Road east to Stevens Road & North Branch Canal to the Cascade Canal.


From: To:
Fred Schnebly 2012 Current
Jim Schnebly 1994 2012
Les Knudsen 1985 1993
Henry Schnebly 1946 1984
Fred C. Schnebly 1919 1946
John Catlin 1911 1918


Division No. 4: Horlick Road to Umptanum Road & South Branch Canal to the Westside Canal.


From: To:
Larry Bland 1998 Current
Laurin Mellergaard 1977 1997
Lawrence Mellergaard 1936 1976


Division No. 5: Highway 10 east to Look Road & Nouth Branch Canal to the Cascade Canal.


From: To:
Brad Haberman 2020 Current
Paul Weaver 2006 2019
Brad Haberman 2001 2006
Paul Weaver 1995 2000
Eldon Weindenbach 1985 1994
Gerald Hunt 1976 1984
Joe McManamy 1941 1975
John Faust 1918 1940
Thomas Haley 1911 1919


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