KRD Water Conservation Plan / Yakima Basin Integrated Plan

In 2015, The KRD completed a Water Conservation Plan Feasibility Study. KRD Canal Modifications to reduce seepage and enhance tributary flows are specifically listed as a priority in the Record of Decision for the Yakima River Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan (Integrated Plan) Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement. KRD is uniquely situated to provide multiple benefits to improve water supply for agriculture and fish, and improve the ability of water and fisheries managers to adapt to climate change because of KRD’s location relative to many important tributaries in the upper Yakima River Basin.

A recent successful example of this benefit is the KRD South Branch Lateral 13.8 – Manastash Creek Conservation and Tributary Enhancement piping project that was constructed by the BOR as the first on the ground construction project of the Integrated Plan.

Proposed system improvements under the Water Conservation Plan may allow KRD to conserve approximately 39,300 acre-feet in a full water supply year, and at the same time improve water quantity and quality for Yakima Basin tributaries. River diversions would remain similar to existing diversions with the resulting system capacity used to supplement tributary stream flows and/or provide for increased groundwater storage. An estimated cost of the conservation measures shown in this Feasibility Investigation is approximately $119,500,000. Below is a link to a summary brochure that describes these projects.


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