Office of Secretary
Minutes of Regular Meeting
August 7, 2007

The Board of Directors of the Kittitas Reclamation District met in Regular Session May 1, 2007. Directors in attendance were Chairman Ed Wakkuri, Urban Eberhart, Paul Weaver Larry Bland and Jim Schnebly. Also in attendance were Ernest Patty, Janeice Jump, Ben George, Bob Main, Keli Bender, Paul Green, Barbara Pettit, Ken Hasbrouck and Legal Counsel John Gilreath.

The Agenda was approved as presented by a motion from Larry Bland and seconded by Paul Weaver. The motion passed unanimously.

Deviating to Other Business Ernest Patty addressed the Board regarding a request for a crossing permit to access lot 2 of his subdivision located in Sec. 2 Twn. 17 Rng. 17. Discussion followed with the consensus the crossing permit request be approved.

Returning to the agenda the minutes of the July 3, 2007 meeting were approved by a motion from Jim Schnebly and seconded by Larry Bland. The motion passed unanimously.

Moving to water update Bob Main distributed and presented a water update explaining KRD is currently drawing 1,145 cfs with a 30% loss.
Ken Hasbrouck distributed the USBR reservoir storage report with an estimated Flip-Flop start date of September 4, 2007.

Paul Green presented a maintenance update explaining operations are running smoothly. Ken apprised the Board he is requesting cost estimates for resurfacing of Morrison and Horseshoe Siphons requested in the USBR facilities review.

Moving to KCWP Update Ken Hasrouck apprised the Board there is no report today as Kathleen and Roger are out of town.

Moving to Land Reclassification/Relinquishment Guidelines Keli Bender distributed draft polices for review and discussion. Lengthy discussion followed with the recommendation Legal Counsel John Gilreath review and edit the draft policies for continued discussion at the September, 2007 Board Meeting.

Ken Hasbrouck presented the USBR lumber/labor exchange agreement for approval and signature. A motion from Urban Eberhart and seconded by Larry Bland approved the agreement as presented. The motion passed unanimously.

Moving to Cole's Crossing update Ken Hasbrouck apprised the Board discussions continue regarding water delivery to the Cole's Crossing Development.

Moving to New Business Ken Hasbrouck presented the following segregations for preapproval subject to meeting the general guidelines. Robin Schmaus Sec. 21 Twn. 20 Rng. 14; Robert Terrell Sec.31Twn. 19 Twn. 18; Luther Parker Sec.31 Twn. 19 Rng. 18; James Hand Sec. 5 Twn.18 Rng. 18; Brantley Paul Sec.27 Twn. 18 Rng. 19; Brent Minor Sec. 9Twn. 18 Rng. 19; Andrew Schmidt Sec.32 Twn. 18 Rng. 19; Bev Proctor Sec.12 Twn. 17 Rng. 19; James Treat Sec.1 Twn. 17 Rng. 19; David Brendon Sec. 33, Twn. 17, Rng. 20. A motion from Jim Schnebly and seconded by Urban Eberhart approved the segregations subject to meeting the general guidelines. The motion passed unanimously.

Moving to delinquent accounts update Legal Counsel John Gilreath apprised the Board there are three accounts meeting the foreclosure criteria and he will continue communication regarding payment.

Barbara Pettit apprised the Board that Jim Jones of the State Auditor's Office will be starting the financial and compliance audit for 2005-2006 this week. Barbara continued explaining 100 hours have been allocated for this audit and requested two board members attend the entrance conference. Discussion followed with the consensus directors be contacted when the date and time of the entrance conference is set.

Barbara Pettit distributed interest rates on a CD maturing at Sterling Savings Bank. It was the consensus of the Board to accept the 90-day interest rate at Sterling Savings Bank.

Moving to Other Business Ken Hasbrouck presented updated information on Sapphire Skies.

Upcoming Meetings:
August 3rd Managers Mtg. River Ops USBR
Joint Board Yakima

The Summary Vouchers for June expenses Vouchers #28937-29070 in the sum of $199122.12 were approved with a motion from Paul Weaver and seconded by Larry Bland. The motion passed unanimously.

The Directors monthly payroll vouchers were presented for signatures and checks distributed accordingly.

All Business having been concluded the meeting adjourned.

Ed Wakkuri - Chairman

Kenneth J. Hasbrouck - Secretary-Manager


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