Office of Secretary
Minutes of Special Meeting
August 27, 2003

The Board of Directors of the Kittitas Reclamation District met in Special Session on August 27, 2003. Directors in attendance were Chairman Brad Haberman, Vice Chairman Urban Eberhart, Jim Schnebly, Ed Wakkuri and Larry Bland. Also in attendance were Larry Vinsonhaler, Norbert Ries and Jack Carpenter.

Norbert Ries presented information on the Black Rock Storage proposal explaining the Bureau of Reclamation received authorization on February 20, 2003 that the Secretary of the Interior shall conduct a feasibility study of options for additional water storage in the Yakima River Basin with emphasis on the feasibility of storage of Columbia River water for potential Black Rock Reservoir, the benefit of additional storage to endangered threatened fish, irrigated agriculture and municipal water supply. Mr. Ries continued explaining the budgeting process is 3 years in advance making 2006 the first time funds can be requested from Congress. Governor Locke signed a bill authorizing $4. Million in cost share to the Bureau of Reclamation for the Black Rock Reservoir proposal. Mr. Reis explained continued funding for the project is being requested.

Larry Vinsonhaler explained he was asked by the Bureau of Reclamation to assist with putting together a plan of study for the Black Rock Storage proposal and explained the process of putting together the plan of study.

Lengthy discussion followed.

All Business having been concluded the meeting adjourned.

Bradley W. Haberman – Chairman

Jack W. Carpenter – Secretary-Manager

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