Office of Secretary
Minutes of Regular Meeting
August 11, 2009

The Board of Directors of the Kittitas Reclamation District met in Regular Session August 11, 2009. Directors in attendance were Chairman Jim Schnebly, Larry Bland, Urban Eberhart, Ed Wakkuri and Paul Weaver. Also in attendance were Janiece Jump, Jason McCormick, Barbara Pettit, Ken Hasbrouck, Paul Green, and Legal Counsel Jeff Slothower.

The Agenda was approved as presented with the addition of Executive Session with a motion from Ed Wakkuri and seconded by Paul Weaver the motion passed unanimously.

The minutes of the July 7, 2009 meeting were approved with a motion from Paul Weaver and seconded by Larry Bland. The motion passed unanimously.

Ken Hasbrouck distributed the USBR reservoir status report explaining the reservoirs are at 109% of average and went on storage control June 25th . Ken continued explaining Flip-Flop is scheduled to begin on September 8, 2009.

Paul Green presented a maintenance update explaining all systems are running smoothly.

Moving to KCWP Update, Ken distributed a water quality report explaining Roger and Kathleen are on vacation.

Moving to Bruton Ditch Jason McCormick, Washington Water Trust, addressed the Board on the Bruton water exchange explaining Bruton Creek rights are being purchased and being placed as permanent instream flows in Teanum Creek. Jason requested a letter from KRD stating the properties identified will be supplied KRD water. Discussion followed with the consensus Legal Counsel Jeff Slothower prepare the letter.

Moving to Manastash Update Larry Bland apprised the Board the project is scheduled to start in September and October. Ken discussed the construction and possible impacts the pipeline will have on the siphon in the area. Discussion followed with Legal Counsel recommending the bid proposal be written specifically stating they cannot start construction on that part of the project until after KRD water is turned off. Discussion continued with the consensus Dick Haapala, CH2Mhill, inspect the siphon prior to and immediately after completion of the project.

Moving to YRBWEP III Urban Eberhart presented updated information from meetings he and Ken are attending.

Moving to New Business the following segregations were presented for pre-approval: Scott McIntosh Sec.8 Twn.18 Rng.18; Windswept Butte LLC Sec. 6 Twn.18 Rng.18: Pam Bohnlender Sec. 24 Twn. 18 Rng.19; Charlie Stewart Sec. 24 Twn.18 Rng.19; Duane Arnold Sec. 6 Twn. 17 Rng.20; Richard Busch Sec. 29 Twn. 17 Rng.20; David Longbine Sec.15 Twn. 16 Rng. 20. A motion from Paul Weaver and seconded by Ed Wakkuri approved the segregations as presented subject to meeting the general guidelines. The motion passed unanimously.

Ken Hasbrouck presented a Crossing Permit for Duane Arnold Sec. 6 Twn. 17 Rng. 20. Discussion followed with the consensus the Duane Arnold Permit be approved as presented.

Barbara Pettit distributed and presented updated information on Eligible Investments for Public Funds in the State of Washington prepared by the Washington State Treasurer.

Barbara Pettit presented the delinquent accounts report. Discussion followed with the consensus Legal Counsel Jeff Slothower continue collection procedures on accounts meeting the foreclosure criteria.

Barbara Pettit presented the miscellaneous accounts receivable for Teanum Canal Company in the sum of $1,281.63 for review and discussion. Discussion followed with the consensus no action be taken at this time.

Moving to Other Business Ken apprised the Board we received payment for all but one of the FEMA Projects. Ken continued explaining additional information is being provided to FEMA to assist with the final determination and payment on all FEMA approved projects. Ken apprised the Board effective 2010 Baker Petrolite's Magnacide H Herbicide acrolein will no longer be available for aquatic vegetation and KRD is being asked to return all tanks and unused product. Ken requested approval to purchase two trucks. Discussion followed with the consensus Ken starts pricing trucks. Ken apprised the Board he hired Bobby Haberman to fill the shop assistant position with the stipulation he obtain his CDL and spray licenses.

The Board adjourned to Executive Session at 2:13 p.m. for 20 minutes to discuss pending litigation with a motion from Ed Wakkuri and seconded by Paul Weaver. The motion passed unanimously. Chairman Jim Schnebly announced a 10-minute extension at 2:33 p.m. The Board returned to Regular Session at 2:43 p.m. with a motion from Ed Wakkuri and seconded by Larry Bland. The motion passed unanimously.

Upcoming Meetings: Aug 8th River Ops. Yakima
Aug 12th & 16th YRBWEP Yakima
Aug 19th WSWRA Sunnyside
Aug 28th Joint Board Yakima

The Summary Vouchers for May expenses vouchers 31776 & 3177 & 31779-31909 the sum of $216,426.47 were approved by a motion from Ed Wakkuri and seconded by Urban Eberhart. The motion passed unanimously.

The Directors monthly payroll vouchers were presented for signatures and checks distributed accordingly.

All Business having been concluded the meeting adjourned.

Jim Schnebly - Chairman
Kenneth J. Hasbrouck - Secretary Manager


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