Office of Secretary
Minutes of Regular Meeting
May 1, 2007

The Board of Directors of the Kittitas Reclamation District met in Regular Session May 1, 2007. Directors in attendance were Chairman Ed Wakkuri, Urban Eberhart, Larry Bland, Paul Weaver and Jim Schnebly. Also in attendance were Janeice Jump, Ben George, Roger Satnik, Barbara Pettit, Ken Hasbrouck and Legal Counsel John Gilreath.

The Agenda was approved as presented with the addition of Executive Session by a motion from Jim Schnebly and seconded by Urban Eberhart. The motion passed unanimously.

The minutes of the April 3, 2007 meeting were approved by a motion from Larry Bland and seconded by Jim Schnebly. The motion passed unanimously.

Moving to water update Ken Hasbrouck presented a water update explaining the snow pack is continuing to decline with the warmer temperatures. Ken explained the KRD is currently at one of the highest diversion rates on record.

Ken Hasbrouck presented a maintenance update explaining crews are busy getting water through the system. Repairs were made to the plugged Dodge Siphon that caused water to wash surrounding land. The traveling water screens are operational and working as anticipated at Wippel Pumping Plant. Ken continued explaining they are working on ways of preventing smaller debris from collecting behind the screens.

Moving to KCWP Update Roger Satnik apprised the Board work continues with DOE and sampling continues as scheduled.

Ken Hasbrouck presented the Water Distribution Plan Language for approval. A motion from Larry Bland and seconded by Jim Schnebly approved the Water Distribution Plan Language as presented. The motion passed unanimously.

Ken Hasbrouck presented the MOU KCCD Manastash Project for review and signatures. Following review the MOU KCCD Manastash Project was signed as presented.

Moving to New Business Ken Hasbrouck presented the following segregations for preapproval subject to meeting the general guidelines. Tim McIntyre Sec. 29Twn. 17 Rng. 20; Mike Collison Sec.20 Twn. 17 Twn. 20; Dale Dyk Sec .31 Twn. 18 Rng. 18; Chuck Stewart Sec. 8 Twn. 17 Rng. 18; Ernest Patty Sec. 2 Twn. 17 Rng. 17; Dave Duncan Sec. 1 Twn. 17 Rng. 17; Jim Ridgeway Sec.21 Twn. 18 Rng. 19; Don Akehurst Sec. 20 Twn. 18 Rng. 19; Lauren Mellergaard. Sec. 32 Twn. 18 Rng. 19; Game Farm View LLC Sec. 32 Twn. 18 Rng. 19; Brantley Paul Sec. 34, Twn. 18, Rng. 19; Phil Widner Sec. 1, Twn. 19 Rng. 15; Tim Dosier Sec. 1, Twn. 19 Rng. 15; Cascade Trails Dev. Sec. 34 Twn. 20 Rng. 15; Circle N LLC Sec. 6 Twn. 19 Rng. 16; James Grosso Sec. 2 Twn. 19 Rng. 15 and Judith Mac Millan Sec. 2 Twn. 19 Rng. 15. A motion from Jim Schnebly and seconded by Paul Weaver approved the segregations subject meeting the general guidelines. The motion passed with Larry Bland abstaining.

Barbara Pettit presented the Farm Bureau/Retro Membership in the sum of $461.31 for approval. Discussion followed with a motion from Larry Bland and seconded by Urban Eberhart approving the Farm Bureau/Retro Membership in the sum of $460.31. The motion passed with Paul Weaver abstaining.

Barbara Pettit distributed the new audit standards received from the Washington State Auditor's office April 9, 2007 explaining they are effective for fiscal year 2006.

Barbara Pettit distributed draft copies of 2006 Annual Report, MD & A, Financial Statements and Notes to Financial Statements for review and discussion. Barbara Pettit continued explaining the report is due no later than May 31st and requested recommendations or concerns be submitted by May 17th.

Barbara Pettit presented delinquent accounts report with payments received and posted through April 30, 2007.

Ken Hasbrouck presented the independent appraisal by Cascade Appraisals of the KRD property to determine fair market value. Discussion followed with the consensus the information be presented to Nelson LLC with the stipulation they may obtain another appraisal at their cost.

Upcoming Meetings:
May 7th Managers/River Ops USBR
May 18th Joint Board Yakima
May 16th WSWRA Wenatchee

Moving to Other Business Ken Hasbrouck apprised the Board he received notification from Dale Haberman that he will not be providing animal pickup after this year. Ken apprised the Board Ron Jarmin is off work on L & I for a shoulder injury with an unknown return to work date. Urban Eberhart presented information on a letter received from Larry Vinsonhaler. Barbara Pettit apprised the Board she will be contacting the Board for CD's maturing on May 7th and 14th.

With a motion from Jim Schnebly and seconded by Larry Bland the Board adjourned to Executive Session at 11:15 a.m. for 10 minutes to discuss Legal Matters. The Board returned to Regular Session at 11:25 a.m. with a motion from Urban Eberhart and seconded by Larry Bland. The motion passed unanimously.

The Summary Vouchers for March expenses Vouchers #28531-28664 & 28665 in the sum of $182,155.80 were approved with a motion from Jim Schnebly and seconded by Paul Weaver. The motion passed unanimously.

The Directors monthly payroll vouchers were presented for signatures and checks distributed accordingly.

All Business having been concluded the meeting adjourned.

Ed Wakkuri - Chairman

Kenneth J. Hasbrouck - Secretary-Manager


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