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Minutes of Regular Meeting

March 6, 2001

The Board of Directors of the Kittitas Reclamation District met in Regular Session on March 6, 2001. Directors in attendance were Chairman Larry Bland, Vice Chairman Ed Wakkuri, Urban Eberhart, Jim Schnebly and Brad Haberman. Also in attendance were Janeice Jump, Henry Peruchini, Jack Wheatley, Paul Weaver, Jack Carpenter, Barbara Pettit and Legal Counsel John Gilreath.

The agenda was approved as presented with the addition of Executive Session.

The minutes of the February 6, 2001 meeting were approved as presented with a motion from Ed Wakkuri and seconded by Jim Schnebly. The motion passed unanimously.

Moving to water update, Mr. Carpenter presented a water update explaining the USBR has posted their 2001 first preliminary TWSA projections. Based upon 50, 100 and 150% subsequent precipitation from the first of the current month through September. The TWSA indicates KRD would receive 6%, 38% or 71% of entitlement for the 2001 season. Mr. Carpenter further explained the long-term forecast is for somewhat cooler and wetter than normal weather. TWSA update meetings are scheduled for March 16th and April 6th. Mr. Carpenter suggested the Board consider changing the April meeting date from April 3rd to April 10th. Discussion followed with the consensus the meeting date be changed to April 10th. Mr. Carpenter presented information on the request to the USBR to close the Easton Fish Ladders as soon as the first Spring Chinook passes Roza’s Dam explaining a precedent has been set in previous drought years to close the ladder and it is under review. The Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife has recommended that Rimrock not be drawn down below 30,000 acre ft. because of potential impacts to Bull Trout. The Joint Board Irrigation Districts have submitted letters to the USBR requesting that Rimrock be drawn down to 10,000 A.F. along with infomation to support the historical short water year draw down to 10,000 A.F.. Mr. Carpenter continued explaining that in 1994 the KRD received 38% of entitlement with water deliveries through August 5th. Mr. Carpenter apprised the Board that field inspections of all District facilities was being conducted due to the April earthquake. No damage has been observed as of this date.

Moving to Kittitas County Water Purveyors update Carol Ready presented information on a grant application she is submitting to further water quality efforts and move into the implementation phase of the TMDL that DOE will be working on. Carol explained there will be a soil moisture monitoring presentation at the March 29th KCWP meeting. Carol explained work is continuing on Phase 3 of the tributary screen and passage efforts with letters being submitted for support and funding. Carol explained Jim Waldo is scheduled as guest speaker for Ag. Appreciation Day.

Moving to Tri-County Urban Eberhart apprised the Board there was a Tri- County Steering Committee Meeting where each member was asked to meet with their County Commissioners regarding the use of preliminary and draft information. Mr. Eberhart further explained it was recommended the planning process continue. Jack Carpenter apprised the Board the water supply and management subcommittee has given direction to E.E.C. for writing their preliminary draft. Mr. Carpenter apprised the Board Tri-County will be presenting a Drought Forum in March. Jim Schnebly reported on the Habitat Committee explaining there is discussion regarding funding for preparation of the report by Dick Bain.

Mr. Carpenter presented updated information on Keechelus Dam explaining KRD submitted a letter to Dave Kaumheimer, USBR, to strongly support the preferred alternative of repairing the existing dam in place as soon as possible and within one irrigation season. Mr. Carpenter further explained KRD was the only letter submitted in support on the preferred alternative. Other letters were received against proceeding forward without due consideration to fish facilities in the dam. The Joint Board has since submitted a letter of support.

Mr. Carpenter presented an update on the Boss Construction billing explaining a letter of response was received from Boss Construction to discuss the final payment. A meeting will be scheduled with Boss Construction to discuss the payment.

Moving to New Business a motion from Urban Eberhart and seconded by Ed Wakkuri authorized payment of the Yakima Basin Joint Board 2001 Assessment in the sum of $16,000.00 and the Yakima River Basin Coalition Dues in the sum of $41,539.40. The motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Carpenter presented a letter from Conover Insurance requesting the opportunity to submit an insurance proposal. Discussion followed with the consensus it be discussed at a later date.

A motion from Brad Haberman and seconded by Ed Wakkuri authorized preliminary approval Bill Hutton Short Plat Sec. 7 Twn. 17 Rng. 20; E. James Nelson Et Al Segregation Sec. 28 Twn. 19 Rng. 16; Gary Noyes Short Plat Sec. 26 Twn. 18 Rng. 17; Joe O’Leary Segregation Sec. 21 Twn. 18 Rng. 19; Karen Hemstead Segregation Sec. 22 Twn. 16 Rng. 20; Milt Femrite Segregation Sec. 26 Twn. 19 Rng. 18; Tammy Eliel/Helinda Lyle Segregation Sec. 12 Twn.16 Rng. 20; with the stipulation KRD Guidelines be satisfied prior to final approval. The motion passed unanimously.

Jim Schnebly presented information on the Washington Environmental Council meeting concerning Manastash Creek water issues. Mr. Carpenter requested additional discussion be moved to Executive Session.

Upcoming Meetings:

March 5th           SOAC Yakima

                        TWSA/River Ops.

                        WEC     Ellensburg

March 7th          Tucker Creek Yakima

March 8th          Water Day Yakima

                        Weed Board Ellensburg

                        KCWP Workshop Ellensburg

March 12th         Joint Board BIOS Yakima

                         Mediation Ellensburg

March 13th         Joint Board BIOS Yakima

                        Tri County Sub-Comm. Yakima

March 16th         TWSA Manager’s Mtg Yakima

March 21st         Tri County Board Prosser

April 6th             TWSA/River Ops. Yakima

Moving to Other Business Mr. Carpenter apprised the Board the Memorial Service for Gene Panattoni is scheduled for tomorrow.

Mr. Carpenter apprised the Board the CD at Kittitas Valley Bank will mature on March 20th and requested investment guidance.

The Board adjourned to Executive Session at 2:03 p.m. for 20 minutes to discuss Legal Matters with a motion from Jim Schnebly and seconded by Ed Wakkuri. The motion passed unanimously. Chairman Larry Bland announced a 10-minute extension at 2:23 p.m. With a motion from Jim Schnebly and seconded by Ed Wakkuri the Board returned to Regular Session at 2:33 p.m. The motion passed unanimously.

A motion from Ed Wakkuri and seconded by Urban Eberhart approved Holiday Pay for non-union personnel be paid in accordance to the Union Contract. The motion passed unanimously.

The Summary Vouchers for January, 2001 expenses Vouchers #18945 & 18947-19033 & 19037 in the sum of $137320.01 were presented for approval. A motion from Jim Schnebly and seconded by Ed Wakkuri approved the Summary Vouchers as presented. The motion passed unanimously.

All Business having been concluded the meeting adjourned.

The Directors monthly payroll vouchers were presented for signatures and checks distributed accordingly.

Larry Bland - Chairman

Jack W. Carpenter – Secretary-Manager

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