Office of Secretary
Minutes of Special Meeting
December 19, 2003

The Board of Directors of the Kittitas Reclamation continued in Special Session December 19, 2003. Directors in attendance were Chairman Brad Haberman, Urban Eberhart, Larry Bland, Jim Schnebly and Ed Wakkuri. Also in attendance were Jack Carpenter, Barbara Pettit.

Updated 2004 Budget information was presented and discussion continued. A motion from Urban Eberhart and seconded by Larry Bland approved the 2004 Operation and Maintenance Budget in the sum of $2,533,852.61 and the Construction Debt Retirement in the sum of $113,786.00 with the 2004 Keechelus Dam payment taken from the Keechelus Dam Investment and the interest from the Keechelus Dam Investment used for 2004 Operation and Maintenance. The Wippel Pumping Plant Investment will be used to offset 2003 Wippel Pumping Plant expenses.

There will be no increase in the 2004 assessment rate with a distribution of 4.5% to Construction Debt Retirement and 95.5% to Operation and Maintenance with 5.8021% designated for Special Projects Account. The motion passed unanimously.

All Business having been concluded the meeting adjourned.

Bradley W. Haberman – Chairman

Jack W. Carpenter – Secretary-Manager

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