Office of Secretary
Minutes of Special Meeting
November 25, 2003 

The Board of Directors of the Kittitas Reclamation District met in Special Session on November 25, 2003. Directors in attendance were Chairman Brad Haberman, Vice Chairman Urban Eberhart, Larry Bland, Jim Schnebly and Ed Wakkuri. Also in attendance were Jack Carpenter, Barbara Pettit, Ron Jarmin, Bob Main and Don Boxford.

Don Boxford distributed the 2004-2006 Union Proposal. Don Boxford presented the requested changes in the contract. Lengthy discussion followed regarding each change request. Chairman Brad Haberman explained the Board is working on the 2004 Budget and will consider the requests as they prepare the budget. It was the consensus another meeting be held December 18th to further discuss the proposal.

All Business having been concluded the meeting adjourned.

Bardley W. Haberman – Chairman

Jack W. Carpenter – Secretary-Manager

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