Office of the Secretary Manager

Kittitas Reclamation District Board of Directors Meeting

October 8, 2019 Minutes


The Board of Directors of the Kittitas Reclamation District (KRD) met in Regular Session on October 8, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. Attending the meeting were Division Three Director and Chairman Fred Schnebly, Division One Director and Vice Chairman Mark Hansen, Division Two Director Ed Wakkuri, Division Four Director Larry Bland, Division Five Director Paul Weaver, Secretary Manager Urban Eberhart, Assistant Manager Kevin Eslinger, Field Supervisor Bob Main, Treasurer Stacy Berg and Lands Clerk & RRA Specialist Sara Vickers. Also, in attendance were KRD land owners Janeice Jump, Bill Stoval and Mark Charlton.


The amended agenda was approved with the addition of an executive session for reasons consistent with RCW 42.30.110(1)(i):(i). The motion was made by Director Hansen and the second was made by Director Bland. The motion passed unanimously.


The minutes for the September 9, 2019 Board Meeting were approved with a motion made by Director Bland and the second was made by Director Hansen. The motion passed unanimously.


Public Comment: Mr. Stoval asked the Board to examine the water delivery system for his and his neighbor’s properties and ensure that they are within the confines of the existing contract. The Board listened to Mr. Stoval and advised him that the District would provide a response no later than December 1, 2019. 


Water Master Report: As of October 7, 2019, the five reservoirs were at 9% capacity which is 57% of average. At the River Operations Meeting on October 3rd the United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) stated that the KRD had 100% of their October entitlement available. The canal was re-primed starting on October 4th.


Maintenance Report: Field Supervisor Main reported that the crews are clearing right of ways, removing some of the larger trees, spraying brush, cleaning laterals and weir pools. All three of the backhoes are being used at this time. Crews are also repairing structures and replacing head gates as needed.  


Secretary Manager’s Activity Report: Mr. Eberhart reported that the Washington DC trip on September 22nd - 26th was very successful. There were several meetings that took place. Mr. Eberhart also presented to the Congressional Western Caucus.


Consultant Walter Larrick attended the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee Columbia Basin Partnership Task Force in Portland, OR on September 25th – 26th.


Mr. Eberhart presented to the American Water Resource Association Washington State Conference in Seattle, WA on October 1st.


The Executive Committee and Implementation Committee met in Easton on October 2nd and spent the day working on long term planning for the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan.


Assistant Secretary-Manager Eslinger worked with Guenther Creative to assist in video production. The initial filming focused on harvest, activities and fish issues.


Mr. Eberhart traveled to Rogers, AR on October 4th to accept the Trout Unlimited Conservation Professional of the Year Award.


The Family Farm Alliance has published a streamlined 2-page Directive and Standard Policy took into consideration most of the KRDs concerns.  


On October 9th – 10th, a diverse group from Oregon will be participating in a Yakama Tour and discussion. 


Mr. Eberhart is presenting at the AgForestry Columbia River Seminar on October 11th in Vancouver, WA.


The Ruckelshaus Advisory Board Fall Meeting will be held in Medina, WA on October 22nd.


Mr. Eberhart will present to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Executive Management Team on October 23rd.


The Upper Yakima System Storage Appraisal for Phase II draft is expected within the week.


A draft literature review has been completed for the WaterSmart Water Marketing project.


Work continues with the Yakima Basin Focused Managed Aquifer Recharge Assessment project.


Tributary Supplementation will continue as long as necessary with the exception of Manastash and Taneum Creeks which will stop on October 15th. 


A pre-construction meeting for the South Branch Phase I Reach 2 Construction is scheduled for October 17th.


The bid was posted for the Main Branch Conservation FY19 Agreement No. R18AP000254 on October 3rd. The bid will close on October 18th.


Mr. Eberhart is continuing to work with USBR on the necessary funding for the North Branch Phase III Construction project.


Mr. Eberhart brought up the issue of flip-flop and the integral part that KRD plays in the Yakima Basin System. The KRD will be working with the Yakima Integrated Plan Partners to identify issues associated with flip flop and came up with a plan to address them.  


Treasurer’s Report: The Directors’ monthly payroll vouchers were presented for signatures. Summary Vouchers for the August 2019 expenses and the September 2019 payroll which included check numbers 43563-43640, direct deposit numbers 9901738 through 9901753 in the sum of $347,648.74 were approved with a motion made by Director Wakkuri. The second was made by Director Bland, the motion passed unanimously.    


Old Business: Lands Clerk & RRA Specialist Vickers reported that the State of Washington accepted the KRD property as part of the Ellensburg Historic District. When and if the annexation is accepted into the National Historic District, the KRD will be required to abide by the regulations of the Ellensburg Historic District.


A brief discussion took place regarding the 2018 audit results. The Washington State Auditor’s Office personnel were at the KRD office on September 11th for an Audit Exit Meeting.


The certificate of delinquency was posted for the remaining two landowners on the 2019 Foreclosure list. The Treasurer’s Sale is scheduled for January 24th if the assessments, interest and legal fees are not paid in full.


Mr. Eberhart attended the Kittitas County Commissioners Meeting in support of the Flood District on October 7, 2019. 


Other Business: The Board adjourned to Executive Session at 1:54 p.m. for 15 minutes per RCW 42.30.110(1)(i):(i) there was a motion made by Director Wakkuri and a second made by Director Hansen. The motion passed unanimously. The Board returned to Regular Session at 2:09 p.m. with a motion made by Director Wakkuri, and the second was made by Director Hansen. The motion passed unanimously.


All business having been concluded the meeting was adjourned.



Mr. Schnebly KRD Board of Directors Chairman



Mr. Eberhart KRD Secretary Manager