Kittitas Reclamation District
Office of Secretary
Minutes of Regular Meeting
October 4, 2005

The Board of Directors of the Kittitas Reclamation District met in Regular Session on October 4, 2005. Directors in attendance were Chairman Jim Schnebly, Vice Chairman Larry Bland, Urban Eberhart, Brad Haberman and Ed Wakkuri. Also in attendance were Carol Ready, Jack Carpenter, Kathleen Satnik, Roger Satnik, Paul Green, Janeice Jump, Ryan Fudacz, Larry Brown, Barbara Pettit, Kenneth Hasbrouck and Legal Counsel John Gilreath.

The agenda was approved with the addition of Executive Session with a motion from Ed Wakkuri and seconded by Larry Bland. The motion passed unanimously.

Deviating to New Business Larry Brown, Ellensburg Water Company, addressed the Board regarding the proposed transfer of natural flow water from the Potts property to the City of Roslyn. Larry Brown explained it was the position of the Ellensburg Water Company to appeal any attempt to transfer from the Yakima Main Stem water that would carry water over the Ellensburg Water Company Dam or water that they would physically divert. Larry discussed concerns regarding continued development of Suncadia and Saphire Skies and their proposed water needs. Larry Brown left the meeting at this time.

Returning to Old Business the minutes of the September 6, 2005 meeting were approved as amended by a motion from Larry Bland and seconded by Ed Wakkuri. The motion passed unanimously.

Ken Hasbrouck presented a water update explaining all non-consumptive use water is off effective September 1, 2005. Mr. Hasbrouck apprised the Board reservoir inflows have increased, as have the levels of the river.

Paul Green presented a maintenance update explaining fall work is in progress with the installation of an animal escape ramp scheduled for Upper County. Ken apprised the Board the Pump Ditch Pipeline is ahead of schedule with pipe scheduled for arrival for the remaining drought funded projects.

Moving to Kittitas County Water Purveyors Kathleen Satnik apprised the Board the KCWP Board of Directors set the 2006 assessment at $.50 per acre. Kathleen apprised the Board a Public Meeting is scheduled for November 17, 2005 and the next KCWP Board Meeting is scheduled for October 25, 2005. Kathleen distributed turbidity results to date and discussed the compliance points, creeks and tail end spills for irrigation districts. Kathleen explained all compliance points were below the 2005 compliance target of 18.6 NTU with 12.6 NTU the 2011-compliance target.

Carol Ready distributed a letter and addressed the Board explaining the 2005-2006 Manastash Agreement effective date is October 1, 2005 through January 31, 2006 and the 2005-2006 YTAHP Agreement effective date is October 1, 2005 through September, 30, 2006. Carol continued explaining approximately 45% of her time is billable to YTAHP with the balance to Manastash. With the Manastash Agreement ending January 31, 2006 Carol apprised the Board she is pursuing additional funding. A motion from Brad Haberman and seconded by Larry Bland approved the Manastash and YTAHP Agreements as presented. The Westside Agreement was presented for signatures.

Moving to Wallace Ranches Easements Ken Hasbrouck presented information on the easement between Wallace Ranches and the USBR explaining the easement will enable recreational river users to exit the river before reaching the 1146 spill.

Ken apprised the Board the PSE gasline to Cle Elum may impact KRD in three locations. Ken continued explaining the USBR is working with Dick Haapala, CH2Mhill, regarding the protection requirements.

Moving to New Business Barbara Pettit distributed the 2006 Health Care Authority rates were presented for review and discussion.

The 12 month July to July U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Cost of Living Index for Spokane was distributed for review and discussion. Discussion followed with the consensus Medical Premiums are open for discussion for 2006 and requested discussion be opened with the Union regarding the 2006 Health Care Authority rates.

Barbara Pettit presented a records management update and presented records destruction and transfer authorization forms for signatures.

Ken Hasbrouck presented updated information on the unneeded lands update explaining after viewing the site and discussion with USBR personnel additional information is needed before any action is taken.

Upcoming Meetings:

October 13th Wallace Ranch Mtg. USBR Yakima
October 25th KCWP Board Mtg. KRD
October 25th Joint Board Tour

Moving to Other Business Jack Carpenter distributed information on the Joint Board Tour. Ken Hasbrouck apprised Jim Schnebly his director term expires. Ken distributed information on the WSWRA Annual Meeting for review. Barbara Pettit apprised the Board a CD at Sterling Savings matures today and distributed current rates. Discussion followed with the consensus the CD be reinvested for 30 days at Sterling Savings.

Ken Hasbrouck requested the Board meeting be moved to November 8th. Discussion followed with the consensus the November Board meeting be scheduled for November 8th.

Barbara Pettit distributed audit reports and presented information from the Exit Conference for the 2003-2004 Audit by the State Auditor's Office.

Barbara Pettit presented information on the Kittitas County Tax Foreclosures explaining KRD landholders are listed. Discussion followed with consensus the information be provided to Legal Counsel John Gilreath.

With a motion from Larry Bland and seconded by Ed Wakkuri the Board adjourned to Executive Session for 20 minutes at 2:23 p.m. to discuss legal issues. The motion passed unanimously. Chairman Jim Schnebly announced a 5-minute extension at 2:43 p.m. and a 10-minute extension at 2:48 p.m. The Board returned to Regular Session at 2:58 p.m. with a motion from Brad Haberman and seconded by Larry Bland. The motion passed unanimously.

Ken Hasbrouck presented the September billing for Jack Carpenter for approval. A Motion from Larry Bland and seconded by Ed Wakkuri approved the September billing for Jack Carpenter as presented. The motion passed unanimously.

The Directors monthly payroll vouchers were presented for signature and checks distributed accordingly.

The Summary Vouchers for August expenses Vouchers #26296-26409 in the sum of $136,050.12 were approved by a motion from Ed Wakkuri and seconded by Brad Haberman. The motion passed unanimously.

All Business having been concluded the meeting adjourned.

Jim Schnebly - Chairman

Kenneth J. Hasbrouck - Secretary-Manager


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